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The Funding

There are three funding partnership opportunities open to you each with its own advantages which we can look into when we meet but, for now:

The Plc provides individuals and small businesses with a wide range of premium-value services across the UK together with a wide range of other benefits. Nobody else can do this!

Your role is simple – you merely make your supporters aware of what’s available using pre-prepared materials or literature.

When your supporter takes these services (or even just one of them) you receive a regular monthly payment. The payments are made monthly and are paid direct to your Bank account.

Depending on your choice of partnership role you can also benefit from additional income streams, bonus payments, promotional benefits and a Share Option Scheme

How much will you receive? As you might guess, we can’t say! It will depend upon a number of factors particular to you and your supporters. We will look into this when we meet but we can say that it should be very substantial indeed!

So far we’ve outlined the benefits to you, the community itself, but what about your supporters? We’re delighted to say that they too will gain hugely – and not just from the premium-quality services backed by an award winning UK based customer service team. They can have the UK’s most generous Cashback Card as well as an Online Shopping Service where they can earn up to 20% cashback. Their household bills can be reduced by up to 25% a month.

You benefit, they benefit- massively.


MDO Community Funding 2016